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What Is A Dream

And I woke and asked myself. What is a dream? A dream is only a goal that has not been attained...yet. It is not unreachable unless I give it the power to be, I will not let it tower over me. I will not fear my destiny. I will dissect, analyze, plan. prepare, practice, practice, try again, fail and try again, action steps, no regrets, baby steps, blood and sweat, I will invest in me, until there is nothing left you see, I know what it's worth to me. I know my time is short, I know the moments fleeting, I know death grows close by the second, I'll work while they are sleeping, while they are dreaming, accepting dreams are just dreams...but I know better. What is a dream? It's only a goal that has not been attained yet...wake up...because I'm coming for you.


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