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Stop Saying No, I Never, I Can't, Or YOU NEVER WILL!

It is becoming more and more apparent to me that the majority of people feel like something is missing in their life. No one is without a deep yearning. Whether they long for meaning, universal wisdom, or to know their place and purpose. We are more alike than we care to admit. Everyone is searching for that thing, that place, that experience, that spiritual awakening that will finally erase that gnawing feeling in the pit of their stomachache. Daily we seek to feel whole, connected, and satisfied but we drag ourselves through the daily torture of this mundane trap we were conditioned to accept as "life". The clock continues ticking and we're rat racing against time only to realize that we are on a treadmill.

We find ourselves to afraid to break the cycle because we've become so cozy in our manufactured sense of safety. We find comfort in the leash, we find security in being a good dog because it means we have a safe warm place to lay our head at night. However, I know you find yourself laying awake sometimes...mind racing, feeling a lack of contentment, feeling like you're missing out on actually living. Maybe you wish you were running wild in the wilderness, or you want to be a child again, barefoot, naked, running with wolves, wet grass between your muddy Is that just me? Okay, so maybe you dream of travelling the world, backpacking through Europe, maybe you're meditating in Nepal, or in a cabin off the grid living off the land, enjoying food in Italy, touring full time, or on a boat fishing off the coast. Then the morning comes and that icky ball of anxiety builds as you think about the daily task of accepting your place, suppressing your inner desires, your inner wild is at war with your assimilated existence and you feel you have no choice but to disassociate from that born to be wild part of yourself so you drink the Kool-Aid and conform for the day. When we're forced to disconnect from our true selves and lock away our dreams of course we find it difficult to feel content and connected to the world and the people around us. We weren't meant to sacrifice that part of ourselves. That side of us that dreams big, laughs hard, and is always seeking the next adventure. That part of you is that long lost happy child. Don't you miss experiencing something so mind blowing that your eyes light up and you are physically overwhelmed? A wise woman once told me the secret to long life is to never stop being a child at heart. Children are open vessels, the sponges of the universe, they are in tuned to the people and environments they are immersed in. Children have it all figured out because they don't overthink, they do. They find joy in the little things, they are fearless and unafraid to dream, they feel deeply, and they live dangerously because the world hasn't tamed them yet. My point is this, allow yourself a moment or many moments to find that inner child again, reconnect. Kick off those high heels or that suit and tie. Make a mud pie. Embrace and overcome the things you fear, identify your dreams and make it your mission to make them your reality. Stop resenting your predicament, instead, change your attitude, and take action to reclaim your joy. They say "it's never to late" but to impress urgency upon you I always say "I could die tomorrow!". Stop wasting time and start planning your adventure, even if you go alone. Let this be a wake up call! Stop saying no, I never. I can't , or believe me, YOU NEVER WILL.

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