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Reground To Rebound

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

The winter pause is over and band practice will resume next weekend. We have a ton of new material to work through and I'm looking forward to the creative process. Sometimes the universe decides that it's time for you to re-ground to rebound. I've taken the time to prioritize my life, putting self care at the top of the list AGAIN and every day I'm feeling better and better. It is in my nature to be a competitive workaholic... honestly it's a horrible American trait and one of the huge reasons I resigned to a life of minimalism 8 years ago. If left unchecked I will literally run myself into the ground and obsess about being "successful" especially if I'm going through emotional turmoil and feel out of control. This behavior makes me miserable and it leads me down a path of destruction every single time. Whenever I allow the word success to take on a worldly definition instead of a spiritual definition it is always detrimental to my mental health. 4 years ago I had to define what success meant to me spiritually. The change in definition changed my life forever and it allowed me to get back on stage. It allowed me to connect on a much deeper level when performing, it allowed me to write what was truly on my heart, it allowed me to find purpose, joy, love, and passion for music again. Success to me now is connecting, loving, healing, uplifting, and living in peace, joy, and harmony with the world. Behind the curtains I was experiencing some painful soul breaks over the last couple of years. They left me jaded and discouraged about mankind, it made me question peoples ability to be honest, loyal, and kind. it made me lose my perspective of why I got back into music because God was my purpose and I wasn't speaking to him at the time because I was just to hurt, tired and defeated. I just ignored the pain, didn't grieve the losses, and kept moving until God said no. At first he whispered...but if you're stubborn like me, and you don't listen he tends to ROAR. Trust me, listen to the whispers because the roar is terrifyingly loud and clear, I literally dropped my lit cigarette and decided to change my life in that moment lmao. Sorry this was so long, basically, long story short, this is a self care check. Are you well? Did you eat today? Did you drink water? Did you take your meds? Did you meditate, pray, chant, connect with your higher power? Did you make that doctors appointment? Therapist appointment? Did you exercise? Did you take a break from things that cause you anxiety or unnecessary stress? No? DO IT, I LOVE YOU, YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL, YOU GOT THIS! Much love.

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