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Prioritizing Self Love, Is It Really That Hard?

Prioritizing self love, is it really that hard? Yes! Is it even harder for a workaholic who happens to be an empathic healer? Absolutely!! I am speaking from experience, yes I am a musician but like most musicians I still have a day job. My main job is working for a hospital and I also work as a personal massage therapist specializing in deep tissue and energy work. How do I handle this? You have to find what works for you but for me a plan, structure, and a to do list work best.

I'm slowly reconnecting with friends following a 3 month hiatus, slowly creeping out of the cocoon. I am reintroducing shielding and boundaries, I had taken those down for a while to be more accessible and vulnerable to do some therapeutic relationship work. However, if you are a healer or an empathic healer of any kind, be it therapy or physical you can easily find yourself taking on the weight and pains of the world if you aren't careful. If you aren't practicing cleansing, recovery, or protective shielding techniques I highly suggest you do your research and start learning how to implement it. When you have healing energy brokenness and pain tend to seek you out, it is not your fault, it's just that broken things want to be fixed, they want to be healed, they want to feel better. Sometimes there are also more sinister reasons ( energy vampires, narcissistic personalities) but we'll discuss that topic at another time. Bad energy being drawn to you is the nature of being a source of good energy, you become a beacon so it is best to learn techniques to shield yourself or turn it on and off like a faucet. If you don't you will at some point find yourself depleted, exhausted, depressed, sick, or in physical pain. Do your homework and protect yourself.

My next action was implementing 2 for 2. I complete 2 task on my to do list and I also complete 2 love yourself task a week. I feel like this will keep me balanced and it is reasonable and attainable as all action steps should be. You always run the risk of failure but that is okay, if you fail to complete your task dust yourself off and try again but be wise and don't set yourself up for failure so set small goals, baby steps folks. Celebrate small successes this will keep you motivated!


Last week 2 To Do:

1. Schedule a doctors appointment and actually go to the appointment.

2. Get recall issue fixed on vehicle.

Last week 2 love yourself task.

1. Take a apple cider bath and do physical therapy stretches daily, less pain more peace.

2. Get your car detailed, you always feel better when your house and car are clean.

This week my 2 To Do:

1. I will help the guys make the band space acoustically sound

2. I will also complete my taxes.

This week 2 love yourself task:

1. Find a new barber and get a haircut, you feel better when you have a good haircut.

2. Finish up some medical testing. Worrying about the unknown only waste precious moments.

That's a little peek inside my recovery process, goals don't have to be massive to be good for you. These are some of the small habit changes I am implementing to stay centered I hope it makes your goals setting seem more doable.

So, here it is, my weekly wellness check. Have you done something kind or good for yourself this week? Are you taking your meds? Did you eat something today? Did you drink water? Hug yourself or allow yourself to be hugged? Move from the bed to the couch? Take out the trash? Make a to do list? I know it's hard but we have to start somewhere, small goals, baby steps, remember, I believe in you, we got this. Much Love and huge hugs!

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