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'Rise Again brings soul and methodical lyric ability to the often harsh vocal stomping ground of metal.  Bwana's vocals cut through metal like soft butter, and the band has the innate ability to write music that hijacks and infects your psyche.'
-PNT TV, Los Angelos, CA
Origin:  Wichita | KS
Genres:  Alternative Metal | Hard Rock
Sounds Like: Breaking Benjamin | RED | Perfect Circle| Asking Alexandra | Sevendust | Spiritbox 
Years Active:  Established In 2018
Label:  Independent
Lighting & Pyro Designer: Joe Doherty of JD Lighting Design.
Endorsements: WB Gear | Sit Strings | In Tune Guitar Picks | Bends Nut Sauce
Radio: Pandora, Spotify | ITunes | Google Play | Amazon Music | MTV Unsigned | Xbox Radio | IHeart Radio | PlayStation Radio | Number 1 Music International Radio | Rocky Mountain Rage Radio CO | Controlled Chaos Rock Rage Radio KCMO | ICT Radio KS | We Are Tulsa Radio OK |  National Public Radio 99.1 Wichita KS |  Rock Addict Radio OK | Planet O 89.1 Omaha NE | Alt 107.3 KS | Fish Creek Austin TX | 99WNRR Radio International Radio | Radio Wigwam UK | Double Trouble Radio Long Island NY | 
Feature Films: Windsor Drive | Absinthe Productions L.A. | 4 featured songs.
Featured Artist: The Proving Grounds  Stage at Rocklahoma 2019
Affiliated: BMI | Absinthe Productions L.A. | ICT Unplugged  Events and Promo | JD Lighting Design.


In 2018 Rise Again dove into uncharted territory and announced their first-ever acoustic tour. They launched the ICT Unplugged "Epic Acoustic Experience" with fellow Midwest based musician Dusty Grant. Their 1st show was a 1 off invite from Dusty, but to the surprise of both acts, fans of previous projects show up in support of the occasion. Following the show they received rave reviews with only 1 complaint from the venue, they ran out of beer mugs due to the amazing turnout! Following that event it didn't take long for the buzz to spread about Rise Again. Their shows also quickly earned a reputation for providing top-notch entertainment. The venues loved their obsessive polished promo tactics, and their professionalism, and the fans loved their catchy hooks, crowd engagement, and positivity. The proof is in the numbers, and following a mere 15 shows, Rise Again gained a total of 4000 new likes, followers and subscribers on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The band has embraced a new versatility that has widened their fan-base to reach acoustic songwriter fans, contemporary fans, alternative rock, and metal lovers alike. They maintain their reputation for invoking an internal spiritual reaction from the crowd and that has allowed them to build a following of diehard fans. From acoustic storytelling, to full-on mosh madness, Rise Again will satiate any crowd. 




  • 05/07/21   The Boobie    Trap,  Topeka  KS

  • 05/08/21    Finn's Neighborhood Pub, Manhattan KS

  • 07/02/21 The Blue Note, OKC  OK

  • 07/03/21   Tulsa OK

  • 07/09/21 The Scene, KC MO

  • 07/30/21  Cafe    Acoustic,   ST Joseph , Mo

  • 07/31/21    Beard Engine Brewing Co, Alba, Mo

  • 08/13/21

  • 08/14/31

  • 08/27/21 Finn's Neighborhood Pub, Manhattan KS

  • 08/28/21 The Drinkery , Omaha Ne

  • 09/10/11

  • 09/11/21

  • 09/24/21

  • 09/25/21

  • 10/02/21    Rock Equinox Stigler Oklahoma

  • 10/08/21

  • 10/09/21

  • 11/05/21

  • 11/06/21

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