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© 2018 by Rise Again ICT


'Rise Again brings soul and methodical, lyrical ability to the often harsh vocal stomping ground of metal.  Bwana's vocals cut through metal like soft butter, and the band has the innate ability to write music that hijacks and infects your psyche.'
-PNT TV, Los Angelos, CA
Origin:  Wichita, KS
Genres:  Positive Alternative Metal or Acoustic Hard Rock
Years Active:  2018 - Present
Label:  Independent
Management: T.A.C. Music Management
Endorsements: WB Gear; Sit Strings, In Tune Guitar Picks; Bends Nut Sauce.
Radio: Pandora, Spotify; Itunes, Google Play, Amazon Music, MTV Unsigned, Xbox Radio, IHeart Radio, Playstation Radio, Number 1 Music International Radio, Rocky Mountain Rage Radio, CO, Controlled Chaos Rock Rage Radio KCMO, ICT Radio Wichita, KS, We Are Tulsa Radio Tulsa, OK,  National Public Radio 99.1, Wichita, KS,  Rock Addict Radio, OK, Planet O 89.1., Omaha , NE., Alt 107.3, Wichita KS, Fish Creek, Austin, TX.
Feature Film: Windsor Drive, Absinthe Productions L.A.;  4 featured songs.
Featured Artist: The Proving Ground  Stage at Rocklahoma 2019
Affiliated: BMI; Absinthe Productions L.A.; ICTunplugged


Rise Again was established by members of the popular midwest tribal metal band Friday's Waiting. The renaming of the band came following the retirement and move of Fridays Waiting's original lead guitar player Jeremy Twist. The band retains vocalist Bwana Villa, 2nd guitar player Jeremy Woll, drummer Shane Harper, and new bassist Brandon Jones . Jeremy Woll will be taking the helm as the lead guitar player. Jeremy has an extensive writing history with recognition for his influence on FW's successful 2nd album, VII. He contributed popular tracks like "Wanting" and co-wrote "The Fall" (currently #1 for KS Metal on Numberonemusic.com). 
In 2018 RISE AGAIN dove into uncharted territory and announced their first-ever acoustic tour; the #ictunplugged "Epic Acoustic Experience". After the 1st show received rave reviews from a packed house, It didn't take long to build buzz and momentum. Their shows earned a reputation for providing top-notch entertainment, promo, venue. and crowd satisfaction. The proof is in the numbers, and following a mere 15 shows, Rise Again gained a total of 4000 new likes, followers and subscribers on FB, IG, and Twitter.  The band has embraced a new versatility that has widened their fan-base to reach acoustic songwriter fans, contemporary fans, alternative rock, and metal lovers alike. They maintain their reputation for invoking an internal spiritual reaction from the crowd that has continued to build a lifelong following of fans. From acoustic storytelling to full-on mosh madness, RISE AGAIN will satiate any crowd.
2019 promises to be a big year for RA. This year they partner with TAC Music Management so they can put their full attention into writing and performing. Lead singer Bwana states 'We are taking a completely new approach to our outlook on writing and performing. We are in a completely different place mentally and emotionally. We're an optimistic band now. We've been through the dark phase, struggles with family, faith, relationships, physical and mental health and we've worked hard to overcome it. We agreed that this time around we want to uplift people and help them to feel the love, acceptance, and unity that music has brought into our lives. We may sound like a bunch of hippies, but our mission is to spread the love through what we call "Positive Alternative Metal".'  They are currently working on singles for the highly anticipated EP "Mehtevas",  recording their acoustic live album, and they're shooting their video debut of the ICTunplugged studio sessions all set to release late Spring. That will be followed by a stacked show schedule crossing the Midwest and beyond. Keep your ear to the pavement because this powerhouse of metal meets beautiful dynamic vocals is headed your way!




  • 3/29/19  KS

  • 3/30/19 KS

  • 4/12/19 MO

  • 4/26/19 OK

  • 4/27/19   KS

  • 5/11/19   KS

  • 5/24/19   OK

  • 05/25/19  OK

  • 05/26/9 OK

  • 6/8/19 KS  

  • 06/29/19 MO

  • 7/5/19   KS

  • 7/6/19   KS

  • 7/19/19   KS

  • 7/20/19 OK

  • 08/02/19  KS

  • 08/03/19 NE








  • 08/16/19  KS

  • 08/17/19 KS

  • 08/30/19   KS

  • 08/31/19  KS

  • 09/13/19  KS

  • 09/14/19  MO

  • 09/27/19

  • 09/28/19 OK

  • 10/11/19   OK

  • 10/12/19 KS

  • 10/25/19  KS

  • 10/26/19 MO

  • 11/08/19  

  • 11/09/19 KS

  • 11/22/19 KS

  • 11/23/19 KS





Bwana Villa


Txt: 316-734-7141