Bwana of Rise Again


Origin:  Wichita, KS


Genres:  Acoustic, Contemporary, Rock,  Metal,


Years Active:  2009- Present


Label:  Independent



'Bwana brings soul and methodical lyrical ability to the often harsh vocal stomping ground of metal.  Her voice cuts through metal like soft butter and she has the innate ability to write lyrics and melodies that hijack and infect your psyche.'
-KMUW INTERVIEW: Bwana Villa Vows to Rise Again
Bwana took aim on the music scene in the late 90's.  She was raised in a family of popular urban/Spanish musicians and percussionists. Originally, she ventured down the same path performing in an all-girl R&B group.  Bwana states, "I never felt satiated when I was performing R&B, I felt like I was just going through the motions and it felt awkward and unnatural."  Lucky for her and the rock music genre, she stumbled upon an Aerosmith cassette tape in a bargain bin. She says, "I'd never been exposed to rock music, but I stuck it in my grandfather's tape deck and the first notes of 'Janies Got A Gun' called to me like a siren. I was immediatelyaffectedd by it like the first kiss with the perfect one." She continued, "I knew at that moment this was what I wanted to do and I wasted no time putting what I thought was just private poems to guitar." 
1999- Bwana was first recognized with Jeremy Twist in the pop folk rock band "Under The Sun" for her soulful melodies and tight creative lyrics and she was voted #1 female rock vocalist by 
2003-Bwana moved on to the alternative cover/original band "Sideview 24." She spent that time honing her rock writing chops and networking skills. In doing so, built a reputation for being a fierce show promoter that knows how to build buzz, pack a house, and put on a show. She states, "I wanted to go heavier still- into even harder rock- I got some push back from family and scene veterans telling me I wouldn't fit into that scene but that only made me want it more to their dismay", 
2005- Bwana took her stubbornness and new skills and connected with guitar player Matthew Adamson (Easy Killer) and they started blues metal band 'The Undecided.' The band had a great following and had success with songs "Round and Round " and "Smile for Me" but the band was never able to complete an album before the departure of the drummer, Jeremy Woll.
2008- Bwana reconnected with Jeremy Twist (Under The Sun) and they agreed to embark on the journey into metal together. She fronted the popular and unique, "tribal alternative, metal" band "Fridays Waiting".  During this time Bwana wrote 2 albums "The End of Days" 2010 and "VII" 2013. Both albums had successful releases and equally successful promo tours from the Midwest to California. 
2014- Bwana began collaborating with Absinthe Productions,  a film studio in Los Angeles/Palm Springs.
2015- Bwana continues writing custom songs for film. 3 songs were published and featured in the Film Windsor Drive. .
2018- Bwana established contemporary rock band "Rise Again" and is embarking on an acoustic storytellers tour displaying her full portfolio of music in intimate settings. She will be promoting the debut of  Rise Again's first album. She is joined by Jeremy Woll (guitar) and Shane Harper (drums and percussion); all  are former members of  the band Fridays Waiting.  They will be working with Green Jeans StudioMagnitude Creative , and Bullet Ride Productions  on the EP titled "Mehtevas".   They are also working on tracks for a 2nd Absinthe Productions  film; Absinthe will be shooting the video for their first single, TBA.

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