Meet The Band


Bwana - Vocals

Mic - Pyle PDMICR42BK Retro

Mic - Presonus M7

Adapter - TC Helicon 

Processor- TC Helicon Voice Touch II

PA - Bose L1 Pro 32 Line Array w/Sub 1


Electric Cello -  Yamaha SVC50SK

Strings - D'Addario Helicore

Bow - Vingobow AD.

Pedals - TBA

Skate Deck PB -

Keyboard -  Roland Juno DS88

Synth - Korg Micro 

Eric - Cello & Keys

Shane Promo.jpg

Shane - Drums

Kit - PDP CX Series 

Pedal - Tama Dyna Sync

Sticks - Vic Firth Metal Sticks

Heads - Remo Pinstripes

Wrap - Harper Custom Paint

Cymbals - Sabian - Zidijan 

Hardware - Gibraltar

Throne - Tama Round Throne


Jeremy - Guitar

Pedal- Headrush

Guitar - ESP E-II Eclipse Evertune

Strings - Ernie Ball - SIT

Picks - Intune

Access - Big Bends


Brandon - Bass

Amp - Fender Stage 800

Bass Guitar - Yamaha TRBX305 5 String

Pedal - Fender Stage

Strings - Ernie Ball  - SIT

Picks - In Tune - Dunlop

Access -  Big Bends

In 2018 Rise Again dove into uncharted territory when they announced their first acoustic show. The 1st show was meant to be a one time event. To their surprise, fans of their previous project "Fridays Waiting" showed up in droves to support the occasion. After that  occurred, they agreed to launch the ICT Unplugged "Epic Acoustic Experience" Tour. In a matter of 2 weeks their entire schedule for 2018 was booked solid!  The tour was so successful that they decided they would hire a bassist and get back to their first love, Alt Metal!  When Rise again announced their decision to go electric, word spread like wildfire, and again to their surprise their 2019 schedule was booked solid in a couple of weeks. Their shows had quickly earned a reputation for providing top-notch entertainment. The venues praised their obsessive polished promo tactics, grass roots grind, strong performance, and their professionalism. The fans loved their passion, catchy hooks, crowd engagement, grit, and positivity. To top off 2019 they were then invited to play the Proving Grounds Stage at Rocklahoma! The proof is in the numbers, and following a mere 36 shows, Rise Again gained a combined total of 10,000 new likes, followers, trackers, and subscribers via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tick Tock, YouTube, and Bands In Town. The band has embraced a new versatility that has widened their fan-base to reach acoustic songwriter fans, contemporary fans, alternative rock, and metal lovers alike. They maintain their reputation of invoking an internal spiritual reaction from the crowd and that has allowed them to build a following of diehard fans. From acoustic storytelling, to full-on mosh madness, Rise Again will satiate any crowd.